Flat bottom pouches/Plastic Food Packaging/Zip Lock Plastic Packaging Bag

Product Benefits
A flat-bottomed, free-standing pouch with additional depth and capacity for product. Box pouches offer a single fill box option to replace Bag+Box. Providing four sides + bottom panels for print branding, box pouches offer cost reductions by eliminating the need for double packaging.

Changrong Packaging offers a range of clear stock pouches, available for purchase online. Changrong Packaging can also custom-build box pouches to meet your specific requirements.

Common uses: Coffee, dry goods, cereals, confectionery, frozen berries, seafood, salt & pChangrong Packaginger, herbs &spices

Product Detail

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Technical Aspects

Flat bottom pouches.Among consumers, the flat bottom pouch is a very popular choice because it is a modern version of flexible packaging. Flat-bottomed bags are both convenient and attractive to consumers; therefore, they tend to be more expensive than other flexible packaging. Flat bottom pouches are also called block bottom bags, box bottom bag.

Product Usage

The Flat bottom pouch is exceptional for promotional packaging. Flat bottom bags are time again filled with;
-Pet food
-Ground coffee or coffee bean
-Muesli and various other items
Flat bottom pouches have a totally flat bottom. Changrong packaging manufacture both plastic bag and kraft paper bag for your need. Five print surface to improve shelf display in supermarket. It save transport cost and could hold more volume.

Product Identification

Flat bottom pouches.Similar to a box, the pouch has a very flat bottom surface, and when it is filled, it will balance straight up . The pouch also has left and right gussets. Compared with carton, the flat bottom bag saves 30% of packaging materials; therefore, this is an environmentally friendly production method. The flat-bottomed bag can be fixed with one degassing valve to meet the needs of coffee bean packaging.The material we are using: PET, BOPP, MATTE BOPP,VMPET, Kraft paper, PE or Aluminum foil.

Additional Options


Round Corners

Removal of a sharp edges, gives better consumer usability.

Reduced Gusset

Reduced Gusset

Reduced Gusset / Single Lip - gives better shelf presentation than fully open gusset, also enables a variety of closures to be available.

finish - gloss

finish gloss

finish - Matt

finish Matt


tear notch

Enables consumer to open pack without use of scissors.


top zipper

(PTC Press to Close ) Various single, double and triple tracks, with/out sound in various colours.


Laser Score

Enables a clean straight opening across the pack, with minimal effort.



Incomplete kidney-For easy transportation of product.


Finish Registered Varnish

Registered Varnishes, offers a matt and gloss finish on design, so brands/ designers can create a oack that stands out.


Up to 10 Colours

Offering supperlative print in flex or gravure.

multiple webs

Multiple Webs

Within same pack, you can have different laminate structures, for performance, design and ability of having a product window.

Processing Methods

All processing methods outlined below act to extend food shelf life

Vacuum Pack

Vacuum-packing is probably the most economical means of extending shelf life. The processing technique reduces oxygen (O₂) levels as much as possible via extreme vacuum. The pre-formed pouch or automated packaging must have a good barrier to prevent O₂ re-entering the pack. When food products like bone-in meat is vacuum-packed, a high puncture resistance pouch may be required.

Modified Atmosphere Packaging (MAP)/Gas Flus

Modified Atmosphere Packaging changes the ambient atmosphere in packaging to prevent bacteria growth rather than using thermal processes to extend shelf life. Modified atmosphere packaging is gas flushed, replacing air with nitrogen or a nitrogen/oxygen mix. This inhibits spoilage and prevents the growth of bacteria that adversely affect food colour and taste. This technique is used on a variety of perishable foods, including meats, seafood, prepared foods, cheeses and other dairy products. Key benefits are a longer shelf life and a fresher taste.

Hot fill/Cook-Chill

Hot fill involves fully cooking the product, filling into a pouch (typically) at temperatures in excess of 85°C followed by rapid chilling and storage at 0-4°C.


This process occurs after food is packed. The pack is then heated to a temperature in excess of 100°C. Pasteurisation will normally achieve a longer shelf life than hot fill.


Retort flexible packaging is a food processing method that uses steam or superheated water to heat product to temperatures typically in excess of 121°C or 135°C in a retort chamber. This sterilizes the product after food is packaged. Retorting is a technique that can achieve a shelf life of up to 12 months at ambient temperatures. Extra high barrier packaging is required for this process < 1 cc/m2/24 hrs.

Microwavable Retort Pouch contains a special ALOx polyester film, which has a comparable barrier property to that of the aluminum layer.

Barrier Construtions

Changrong Packaging supplies an extensive range of flexible barrier films and packaging solutions to optimize the shelf-life and presentation of food products. Barrier films are available in a wide range of gauges and formats.

• Standard barrier: eg. Two ply laminates and three–five layer co-extrusions
• High barrier: eg. Two–four laminates and co-extrusions with EVOH and PA
• Extra-high barrier: eg. Two–four laminates (including metalised, foil and ALOx coated films) and co-extrusions up to 14 layers

Changrong Packaging’s specialist team will seek to understand your processing requirements and specify a packaging solution that protects and promotes your product.


12 colour gravure printing

Gravure printing delivers high resolution (175 Lines Per Inch) printing, outperforming flexographic printing with stronger colour depth and highlight clarity. Gravure printing provides consistency through the production run and excellent repeatability from order to order.Anti-skid coating printing for big pouch.

Changrong Packaging offers high quality 12 colour gravure printing to help promote your brand in the market place.

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