Retort pouch/Pet food bag/Ready to eat food packaging

Product Benefits
Retort pouches have become far more effective and flexible packaging solution than the traditional approach. Changrong Packaging provides high barrier retort bags which are a very flexible packaging solution for processed food and other ready to eat meals. Our retort pouches provide convenience in the packaging of pre-cooked meals and contribute to more environment friendly packaging option.

Due to their convenience, retort pouches have replaced the traditional form of can and bottle packaging designs.

Common uses: Baby food,Soups& Sauces,Fish&Sea food, Ready meals,Rice&Pasta,Wet Pet food,Dairy food,Meat

Product Detail

Product Tags

Technical Aspects

Changrong Packaging offers customize retort pouches and stock retort pouches. These bags are an alternative to the traditional canning methods. Retort pouches take up less space than cans and are more flexible.

Product Usage

Foods which are commonly inserted in retort bags include the following;
- Soup
-Organic baby foods Pasta
-Pet food Rice
-Fresh produce Sauce
-Ready to eat food
The retort pouch is very flexible, so it has replaced the traditional canning packaging, making it a mainstream product for promotional packaging. It can be placed directly on the shelf, or fix a hang hole to hang on the shelf, which greatly reduce the space occupied.

Product Identification

Most retort pouches have a stand up pouch outlook. Changrong packaging can provide retort pouch with spouts, or cool touch can be installed on both sides of the bag. For liquid or semi-liquid food, retort bag is a very suitable packaging method, because the bottle is easy to break during transportation.The retort bag can adopt 2-layer, 3-layer or even 4-layer structure to improve the durability of the cooking bag and prevent leakage. Due to the extremely high temperature in the sterilization process, It can’t be equipped with any zipper.

Processing Methods

All processing methods outlined below act to extend food shelf life


Retort flexible packaging is a food processing method that uses steam or superheated water to heat product to temperatures typically in excess of 121°C or 135°C in a retort chamber. This sterilizes the product after food is packaged. Retorting is a technique that can achieve a shelf life of up to 12 months at ambient temperatures. Extra high barrier packaging is required for this process < 1 cc/m2/24 hrs.

Microwavable Retort Pouch contains a special ALOx polyester film, which has a comparable barrier property to that of the aluminum layer.

Barrier Construtions

Changrong Packaging supplies an extensive range of flexible barrier films and packaging solutions to optimize the shelf-life and presentation of food products. Barrier films are available in a wide range of gauges and formats.

• Standard barrier: eg. Two ply laminates and three–five layer co-extrusions
• High barrier: eg. Two–four laminates and co-extrusions with EVOH and PA
• Extra-high barrier: eg. Two–four laminates (including metalised, foil and ALOx coated films) and co-extrusions up to 14 layers

Changrong Packaging’s specialist team will seek to understand your processing requirements and specify a packaging solution that protects and promotes your product.


12 colour gravure printing

Gravure printing delivers high resolution (175 Lines Per Inch) printing, outperforming flexographic printing with stronger colour depth and highlight clarity. Gravure printing provides consistency through the production run and excellent repeatability from order to order.Anti-skid coating printing for big pouch.

Changrong Packaging offers high quality 12 colour gravure printing to help promote your brand in the market place.

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